100 ton x 10 ft, New Primeline Hydraulic Press Brake


New Primeline Hydraulic Press Brake w| Platinum Package
Model 110 x 10 PP
Tonnage : 110
Overall Length : 122 in.
Between Housing Length: 100 in.
Variable Stroke : 7.48 in.
Speed of Ram (in|s)
Approach : 3.94
Bend : .35
Return : 2.95
Throat Depth : 12.2 in.
Motor : 15 HP, 3 PH
Approx. Dim. : 134″ L x 52″ W x 93″ H
Weight : 15,100 lbs
Includes :
200 step programmable control for:
X (back gauge front-to-back for flange dimension), and
Y (ram depth for bend angle using ram position)
Two Front Support Arms
Lower Die Holder for American Style Tooling
One Gooseneck forming punch and one multiple-opening lower die
Front-to back wedge arrangement in bed for die compensation
Sheet Metal Safety Guards at back and sides of the machine
The machine features:
Fully hydraulic design and operation, utilizing two hydraulic cylinders
Downstroking Ram
All-Steel Construction
Torsion bar for ram parallelism
Cylinder pistons ground, hard-chrome plated and ground a second time for
precision and maximum life
Infinitely adjustable mechanical depth stops are built into the cylinders
and are push-button operated with electronic digital readout
Upper beam set up to hold American Style forming punches with standard
safety toungue
Fine Adjustment of stroke
Adjustable working pressure and pressure regulating gauge
Two speed ram advance (hi|low)
High Volume pump
Controls in swiveling console on the machine and a movable pedestal with
two-hand control, foot control, and emergency stop control
Price: |Price|
FOB: Maryland

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