1/4″ x 13 ft, Adira Hydraulic Shear, Model GHS-0640


Used Adira Hydraulic Power Shear
New 1999
13 ft. x 1|4″ Mild Steel
13 ft. x 3|16″ Stainless
Evolutionary Swing Beam Design.
All Steel Frame, featuring box-type welded construction of the main frame
and blade beam with dimensions optimized by computer assisted design to
guarantee maximum rigidity.
Accurate upper blade beam guiding system.
Swivel mounted hydraulic cylinders for maximum durability.
Cylinder pistons are hard-chrome plated.
Hydraulic Unit located for convenient and easy access.
High pressure hydraulic holddowns with built in pad to operate with pressure
proportional to shearing force, eliminating or reducing marking on light
materials while securing heavy material.
Low rake angle of upper blade (minimizing distortion of narrow cut-offs).
Rapid, single point blade clearance(blade gap) adjustment device.
Easy blade resetting.
Slow stroking device (inching) to check blade clearance.
Easy adjustment of cutting length for shortening stroke when desirable f
cutting narrow materials. When the stroke is shortened, the number of
strokes per minute increases proportionately.
40″ Heavy Duty, power, front operated back gauge, swing up type, so that
longer material can clear the back gauge.
Overall Cutting Length : 160.69″
Throat Depth (Gap) : 13″
Rake Angle of upper blade : 1-1|3 degrees
Blade Gap Adjustment : .002″ – .0433″
Speed : 15 spm at full length
Back Gauge Range : 39″ swing up type
Hydraulic Holddowns : 22
Floor Area : 185″ l x 89″ w x 69″ h
Approx. Weight : 19,380 LBS.
Standard Equipment:
39″ Heavy Duty, Power, Front Operated Back Gauge, swing up type.
with LED Readout
39 in. Left Hand Squaring Arm
Price: |PRICE|
FOB: Houston, TX

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