Brake Dies & Punch Tooling

Brake dies and punch tooling are absolutely essential when working with metal because they work to bend it into the exact shape that you need for your application. With options such as brake dies and punch tooling, our products will make the process of bending metal far easier by offering you top performance and precision.

We offer both single and multiple bend forming brake dies, as well as many other variations, to meet the requirements of your business. Our innovative designs are able to live up to the competitive needs of the market. With our wide selection of dies, you’ll have everything available to you to create the exact metal shapes you need. This will leave you with the precision you need to perfectly complement your brake press.

Likewise, our punch tooling products are a necessity. Federal Equipment offers everything from basic punches to more complex and intricate styles, all which are designed to provide you with the best shaping capabilities. New designs are always appearing in the industry, and Federal Equipment stays informed so we’re able to provide them to you. Moreover, our newer designs allow for more working room, which creates more possibilities for effective metal bending.

As with all of our products, both our brake dies and punch tooling are available at reasonable prices. We have a large selection to choose from, so you’re sure to find suitable equipment for your business’s needs. All of our products are high quality at affordable price points.