About Us

Federal Equipment, Your leading source for quality
metal fabricating equipment.

Since 1931, Federal Equipment has been providing new and used metal fabricating equipment at economical prices. We have also helped corporations turn their surplus metalworking equipment and other tangible corporate assets into cash. What makes us unique? We have the know-how to assess what your needs are and offer new or used machinery to suit those specific needs. We guarantee the quality of our machines by offering a warranty whether it’s new or used. We also have the ability to arrange the shipping of machinery to our customers within the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. Some of the equipment we specialize in are: Lasers, CNC punches, press brakes, shears, plate bending rolls, angle bending rolls, ironworkers, saws, sheet metal equipment (hand brakes and rollformers), plasma cutters and water jets. Federal Equipment’s vast international network of exclusive new and used machinery, helps ensure that you will get the equipment that you need to increase your bottom line.

The experts here at Federal Equipment, have earned the respect of many industry leaders for their honesty, integrity, and perseverance in meeting customer’s needs. Our knowledge and networking abilities help keep us on the cutting edge of technology, which gives us the ability to provide more options to our customers. We offer an array of services including used machinery sales, new machinery sales (including brake dies and punch tooling), auctions & plant liquidations, service & maintenance, financing, consignment & warehousing and appraisals. So, whether it’s a single machine or an entire plant, you can rely on Federal Equipment to provide you with the specialized equipment and services needed to keep your business running effectively and efficiently while increasing your profitability.